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March 2, 2017 – From Fantasy Sports to Liquid Biopsies: Lessons from a Career Seeking (Platform) Beta

Liquid Biopsies use biomarker signals (e.g. circulating tumor DNA) found in blood to characterize, and potentially even detect, cancer tumors. Their growth in clinical use for advanced cancer therapy selection is just the beginning; potential uses include residual disease and early disease detection, and their insights into tumor-genesis and tumor-evolution may be a key for cancer research. Mark Jacobstein, the Chief User Engagement Officer at Guardant Health, the world’s leader in liquid biopsies, will give an overview of this new technology and its current and potential future utility. Mark built the world’s first online fantasy sports business 23 years ago, and founded or ran companies in early web services, mobile gaming, social mapping, and mobile VoIP, before shifting to health technology with Guardant Health. He’ll draw on lessons from a career in the middle of other fundamental platform shifts (including the birth of the consumer internet, consumer mobile, social gaming, smartphones, and location-based services), and discuss how these lessons apply to liquid biopsies, and the advancement of cancer care.

About the Speaker:

Mark Jacobstein is the Chief User Engagement Officer for Guardant Health. Prior to this, Mark was the VP in charge of Qualcomm iSkoot Technologies, which he joined following Qualcomm’s acquisition of iSkoot, where Mark was CEO. Earlier, Mark was an EVP at loopt, a social mapping startup backed by Sequoia and NEA, and the founding President of Sequoia and KPCB-backed Digital Chocolate. Mark was also the CEO and founder of Small World Sports, the world’s first online fantasy sports business, which he sold to Paul Allen’s The Sporting News. In addition, Mark co-founded Small World Software, an Internet technology consultancy, which he sold to iXL in 1998, where he served as SVP of business development through iXL’s IPO. Mark concentrated in Computer Science at Harvard University.

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