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June 1, 2017 – BioElectronics & Healthcare: Changing the Way We Practice Medicine

Can we treat deadly diseases with electricity instead of pills or chemo? Pioneers in the emerging field of “bioelectronic medicine” would say we’re well on our way. Thanks to the multidisciplinary efforts of clinicians, researchers, and experts from disciplines such as disease biology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, materials science, molecular medicine, nanotechnology, neuroscience, etc., there are definitive results.

Bioelectronic medicine technologies are able to record, stimulate, and block neural signals, which in turn, teach the body how to heal itself. The nervous system system uses electrical signals to communicate information throughout the body. Essentially, these neural signals control every cell and organ of the body. By learning the language of these signals, experts can listen for signs of disease or injury.

Can and will bioelectronic medicine change the way we treat diseases, injuries, and conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, paralysis, bleeding, and even cancer? Join us as we learn about how bioelectronic technologies can revolutionize medicine and healthcare.

About the Speaker:

John Cornwell, CEO of Bioelectronic Health, is a 25+ year biotechnology, applied sciences, informatics and engineering veteran. Most recently, he joined the Venture team at SRI International to commercialize new technologies. Prior to that, John was an R&D, operations, and strategic business development leader as COO/VP Product Development at Vaxart and earlier as head of R&D Operations at Cell Genesys, following his post at Genentech. As a Silicon Valley native, he implicitly understands the dynamic ecosystem here and the essential components for success. Moreover, he appreciates the intersection of science, engineering, and business, and the everpresent need for novel and better therapies. John received a BS in Medical Biophysics and MBA from UC Berkeley and an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. For fun, John enjoys spending time with his two children, traveling to known and unknown destinations, building things, and exploring life through his evolving lenses.

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