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A Fungal Elixir

Dr. Jeff Roe and DeviceFarm are on a mission to cure fungal nail infections. Their goal is to help the 38 million Americans suffering from nail fungal infections. Why?  Because $3 billion dollars are spent each year on treatments which are risky, inconvenient, or simply don’t work. Jeff’s team is well on its way, and is currently on the heels of taking DeviceFarm to the next level.

Since 2013, DeviceFarm has been designing and refining a solution. Jeff and his team now have a novel gas-based treatment for nail fungal infections. The idea is that gas penetrates the nail and kills the fungus by reaching areas where other liquid or cream treatments cannot. DeviceFarm has good reason to believe their medical device may be safer, more convenient, and have higher cure rates than any other therapy currently available.

So, how will DeviceFarm get to the next level?  Having previously secured funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as well as funds for a 30 patient trail, Jeff finds his team in a unique position. In order to complete the already funded 30 patient trial, his team must first complete a small 5-patient trial to prove his device is functional. The great news is that the Ethics Committee recently approved their alpha prototype for testing for this trial. Yet, potential funders of this small trial want clinical data up front. Jeff skillfully explains to them he first needs funding to complete the small trial in order to get the data. There’s no question that DeviceFarm’s leader is relentless in this pursuit.

Jeff is quite modest when asked, but he is no stranger to med-tech space, and in fact, his diverse background would seem to be a perfect fit for industry.  Jeff’s academic training includes a B.S. in Physics coupled with a PhD in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley.  He’s worked as a Physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and a scientist at LifeScan, Roche, and Theranos. As a technologist and entrepreneur, he’s held VP positions at Aperys and Critical Perfusion, both medical device companies.  And, of course, Jeff is the founder and CEO of DeviceFarm – a venture which has been grant funded, accepted into UC Berkeley’s LAUNCH Startup Accelerator Program, the recipient of various competitions and awards, and now finds its home incubating at Triple Ring Technologies. A scientist. An engineer. An entrepreneur. That’s Jeff Roe.

When Jeff isn’t running DeviceFarm, pitching to investors, writing grant applications, teaching, networking, or mentoring students, you might find him canoeing, hiking, cooking Southern biscuits, or carving wood and undoubtedly creating something. Odds are that this well rounded and respected engineer and entrepreneur not only has a story to tell, but an idea which could help millions of patients.  The grant awards are a catalyst and scientific validation that the idea is sound.  The medical community acknowledges that DeviceFarm’s idea is more than sound, and there is definite consensus that the medical device, investment, and patient communities will all benefit, but additional outside funding is needed for continued success.  It seems that Finding Funding to Fight Fungus is a sure Win Win for all. Stay tuned for updates about DeviceFarm.

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